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About Us

Baked Goodness was born from an expression of love for my family.
My idea grew from the desire to feed my family and myself something healthy. We never seemed to have time because of our hectic schedules. The result, was the tastiest all natural creation you'll come across. My then 7 yr. old was my chief taste tester and they can be tough customers.

A true grassroots story.
A flight attendant, and football coach started a family, and soon found themselves with even more scheduling challenges to their increasingly busy lives. Sound familiar? When Maria returned to work, she was concerned her family wasn't eating as healthy in her absence. She also had a challenge to eat good things while on the road herself. This motivated her, and when Maria is motivated she doesn't rest much until she's met the challenge.

She began to share her cookies with her loved ones. The reaction was consistent, "You have to sell these." Maria started to bake more and more, each batch growing to meet larger commitments to friends, and friend's of friends. The numbers were reaching 200-400 cookies per week. It was at that point she realized her chewy creations were something a broader audience would love.

With loyal support of family and friends, Baked Goodness went from neighborhood craft shows, and soccer tournaments to five local stores. This is just the beginning of the story. The ending hasn't been told yet, and you can help craft the ending.

Our Mission

Power your body with a soft, satisfying cookie. Enjoy for breakfast or lunch, after-school, before sports, between meetings, on the go, or as a satisfying and healthful dessert.

Our Thanks
It is with our sincerest gratitude, that we thank our family, friends, and community. Because of your loyal support, we have been able to keep our dream alive. We love you all.

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